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The name Iosis comes from alchemy where during certain processes of combining chemicals, different phases and their colors appeared. In one of the processes, the purple phase was called Iosis and from where we got the name because it brings an idea of transformation, evolution, coinciding with the history of the company and its employees.

Iosis Produtos Químicos has professionals in its various areas with extensive experience in the chemical market as well as world renowned manufactures that help us to provide the best technical support to our customers in the various segments in which we operate.

Even operating in several segments, we focus on the industrial water treatment market, providing our customers, formulators and service providers with a wide range of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, sequestrants, chelators, oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, amines, oxygen scavengers, ion exchange resins, etc.

In addition to our focus on formulating products and services in industrial water treatment, we also operate in textile auxiliary, household cleaning products, lubricants, reverse osmosis, softeners and demineralizers by ion exchange, etc.

Contact us and we will be dedicated to providing you with the best and possible product and service.

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IOS Produtos Químicos is a distribution and representation Company of raw materials focused on the markets of industrial water treatment, process water, domestic and cleaning textile auxiliaries, lubricants, among others, providing the best possible service integrating traditional chemistry and the avant-garde (green chemistry), seeking the best cost and consequently the satisfaction of our customers.


To be recognized by its customers and employees as a company of value in the distribution of raw materials through the quality of its products, the represented companies and the provision of services provide, in addition to being committed to the principles of green chemistry.